Commercial Rewiring Service in Louisville

Peters Electric Inc’s reputation for delivering forward-thinking commercial rewiring service is second to none in Louisville. We have spent years developing a hand-selected team of licensed commercial electrical contractors who are dedicated to the success of your project.

Our meticulous attention to detail allows us to drive any electrical rewiring services forward, on time and on budget. We are insured, bonded and trained up to date in the latest industry safety regulations and the ever-changing local electrical building codes. During a free consultation, we’ll visit your site to get an in depth look at the specifics of your existing infrastructure (and goals) to produce an upfront quote and actionable plan that will ensure prosperity now— and in the future. We are committed to:

  • Value driven rates without sacrificing quality or cutting corners
  • Honoring set start and finish dates to help avoid any delays
  • Answering our phones when you call and providing the information you need fast
  • Upfront quotes
  • Providing a licensed, bonded, insured and expert commercial electrician who knows exactly what they are doing
  • Superior project management

Finding and Solving Problems with Your Electrical Wiring System

The hazards of ignoring electrical problems, or failing to take the current maximum load capacity of your system into account before upgrading appliances or changing fixtures, can be catastrophic. Potential for fires, personal injury like electrocution, shocks, and burns, and severely damaged machines increases drastically if you do not hire a certified commercial electrical wiring technician to complete the task. 

We will help you locate and resolve problems with wiring fast. Our top of the line infrared technology allows us to see through flooring, walls, ceilings, concrete, and underground without disruption, to get the full pictures of the health of your wires. Here is just a small sample of some of the ways we can tailor electrical wiring system replacements or upgrades to your business:

  • Fixing ancient code violations like knot and tube and aluminum wiring
  • Upgrading electrical wiring to support new appliances and machinery
  • Re-wiring or moving lighting, updating fixtures, switches and controls
  • Underground re-wires
  • Custom commercial electrical wiring
  • New panel and system rewires
  • Wiring in upgrades appliances and custom machinery
  • Air conditioning rewires
  • HVAC, electric heat, furnace, boiler, and heat pump wiring
  • Security system and video surveillance wiring
  • Data and computer system re-wires
  • Telecommunications wiring expertise

Leaders in Innovative Electrical Wiring Installation

Engineering customized solutions to complex electrical wiring installation challenges is what we do best. Whether your Louisville business just needs a quick install, or you are undertaking a larger remodeling project that will require in-depth installation plans, we are the local professionals who guarantee your complete satisfaction. Recently, we have partnered with commercial, industrial and institutional organizations like churches, retail stores, offices, new builds, apartment and condo owners, retail stores, gas stations, universities, sports centers, factories, and warehouses, just to name a few.

To find out more about how Louisville’s best commercial rewiring service can add peace of mind, safety and cost savings to your commercial rewiring service, give us a call now.