Commercial Surge Protection in Elizabethtown, Louisville and Jeffersonville

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Each year, Peters Electric Inc responds to calls from local companies who have been affected by electrical surges which occur as a result of a strong, short burst of energy being transmitted by a sudden change in electrical intake. The blasts can be anywhere from one hundred, to thousands of volts higher than the usual load. Ensure the long-term success of your investment with a commercial surge protection plan that protects your electrical components, systems, telephone and internet lines, data connections, and expensive, sensitive machinery.

A commercial surge protector system that has been tailored to the unique electrical demands of your equipment will save thousands of dollars in repairs, maintenance and replacements that can be avoided by being prepared in advance. We can help you determine what the best surge protector layout and protection zones are for your specific applications, as well as your energy management goals. Recently, we have partnered with organizations like:

  • Data centers
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Retail facilities
  • Railroads
  • Subway systems
  • Hospitals
  • Fire and police stations
  • Businesses reliant on elevators and escalators

Surge Protection Installation Experts

The origin of a power surge can be traced to external sources like lightning strikes, downed lines, ungrounded wiring and problems with your local utilities output. Did you know internal sources can also negatively affect the performance of your electrical infrastructure? These types of local surges are harder to detect, are inevitable, and usually end up causing the most damage over time. Surge protection installation gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is safe inside and out—no matter how many volts come your way. Allow a licensed electrician from our team to visit you for a free consultation to explain our affordable install process and how we are able to offer quick turnaround without cutting any corners.

Best in Class for Commercial Grade Surge Protection Devices 

Understanding how each of our advanced commercial grade surge protection devices work in fine detail allows us to customize specific solutions that will be the most efficient and cost effective for you. Depending on what type of business you run, there could be several points of entry for unwanted blasts of energy that can cause power outages and the potential for downed systems.

A point of use surge protector like a power bar is good for a few surges but without understanding the devices technical specifics in full, or knowing how many volts it’s already processed, your equipment can become unprotected without you even knowing. Installing a single outlet system at the site is a better way to guarantee continuous full coverage. Here are just some of the ways we can protect the equipment and data that is critical to your success:

  • Industrial surge protector design and installs
  • Commercial grade surge protector engineering, repairs and maintenance
  • Large appliance surge protection
  • Single outlet surge protectors
  • Surge protection for distribution panels
  • Surge protector breaker solutions
  • Data system surge protection
  • Telecommunications surge protection
  • Grounding system design and installation

What is a Commercial Surge Suppressor?

A commercial surge suppressor that is installed at the electrical entry/exit point works by channeling electricity exceeding your systems capacity into a grounded unit. When installed at the panel, this technology has the capacity to shield you from both internal and external threats. Installation at single outlets points keeps individualized machinery from causing or experiencing surges.

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