Commercial Standby Generator in Elizabethtown

Implementing a commercial standby generator not only prevents hazards and protects the safety of your employees and investment, it also gives you the ability to continue business as usual, preventing any losses to your revenue stream. Peters Electric Inc is Elizabethtown’s leading provider of commercial generators, serving businesses in every industry. We have built our reputation around understanding your unique business requirements and consumption needs in great detail, then matching you with the best technology—without ravishing your budget.

How an Emergency Backup Generator Works

When installed correctly, an emergency backup generator works when a transfer switch detects a power shortage or outages that affects the normal activities on your property. Within minutes, your systems will be powered back up by your standby generator, restoring comfort to your clients, employees and stakeholders and keeping your machines running as they should.

Why It’s a Good Idea for Your Business to Have an Electric Backup Generator

If you think about all the ways an indefinite interruption in power supply could negatively affect your business, you start to get a really good picture of all the ways an electric backup generator can save the day. Here are some examples:

  • The lights will come back on and it will be safe for your employees to move around in the building and also to complete their work.
  • Your customers will be happy there is no interruption in service and no missed deadlines as a result of reduced or no electricity.
  • You won’t get behind on production if you choose a model that can power support your entire operation.
  • The temperature of your building will remain consistent.
  • Elevators, escalators and power operated doors will resume function.
  • Refrigeration systems will power back on and food products will remain intact.
  • Systems vital to safety and security will continue to operate.

We Stock and Service All Types of Commercial Generators

Whether your company would benefit most from gas, natural gas, bi-fuel, propane, diesel, stationary housed, or mobile commercial generators, we stock the top-rated brands you need to keep the power on. We’re experts in assessing your current or planned power demand and matching you with the generator backup systems that can handle the load—no matter what you intend to throw at it. It’s important to keep in mind there are some utility and building regulations surrounding the use of backup power systems. We’ll explain how or if these apply to your circumstances during a free consultation.

Hassle-Free and Up to Code Generator Installation

Going forward with a generator installation is intended to relieve stress and increase preparedness, not increase headaches and prolong prosperity. Don’t get stuck with a standby generator installation that doesn’t measure up to your demands. We take the time to thoroughly assess your current and planned power consumption needs and implement a system that will operate with ease.

Call us for expert advice and upfront estimates on any type of commercial standby generator setup. We are Elizabethtown’s leading resource for quality service and forward-thinking installs.