New Construction Electrical in Elizabethtown

Whether you are in the design process, considering an upgrade on an existing structure, or have plans to build something new, Peters Electric Inc can add value to and streamline your energy management systems. We are among Elizabethtown’s leading new construction electrical teams, and are dedicated to putting your needs first. The depth of our vast knowledge and training allows us to move quickly and efficiently through installations and engineer actionable solutions to complex design specifications of virtually any type. In the past, we have worked with:

  • Government facilities
  • Low, mid and high-rise office buildings
  • Large warehousing spaces
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Medical buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Cafes
  • Fine and casual dining restaurants
  • Educational centers

How a Commercial Electrician Brings Cost-Savings to the Design Process

When you work with an accredited commercial electrician, we believe you should never have to sacrifice quality for affordability. To keep our quotes low and transparent, we maintain excellent supplier relationships which allow us to pass the savings straight on to you. In addition to this, many years of experience has proven our superior project design and coordination skills are second to none. Let us help you discover ways to increase efficiency while lowering your overall energy expense.

Top to Bottom Building Wiring Installation and Inspection

Each of the hand-chosen electrical contractors in our service has completed up to date safety training, and has a through understanding of current building code and industry protocol. We specialize in providing a complete suite of building wiring installation that is tailored to your exact needs. From wiring in specialized machinery, to taking care of the lighting, heating and appliances, our in-depth solutions align with your budget and help move your project forward on schedule. Here is a small selection of examples of how our talents can be put to work for you:

  • Appliance wire-ins: kitchen appliances, fixtures, light and heavy industrial machinery installs and inspection.
  • Circuit breakers: inspection, trouble-shooting, replacing, implementing.
  • Data wiring: telecommunications, computer systems data center wiring installs.
  • Heating and cooling wiring: furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, electric heating design, HVAC wiring, air conditioning installs, fans, thermostats, heating controls.
  • New Construction Electrical boxes: design, upgrades, retrofitting and installs.
  • Outlets: planning, installing, testing, re-locating, grounding.
  • Underground wiring: trenching, boring, backhoeing, thermal analytics.
  • Water feature wiring: pools, saunas, spas, hot tubs, jacuzzi wiring.
  • Wiring for lights: interior and exterior, safety, spotlights, floodlights, overheating lighting, accents and decorative lights.

An Electrical Construction Company that Stands Out From the Rest 

Electrical work in building construction is something that can make or break the prosperity of your Elizabethtown building project. When things go wrong, you could find yourself dealing with a whole host of avoidable hazards like codes violations, fires, potential shocks, burns and electrocution, breakers that overloaded and panels that have not been properly labelled—just to name a few.  Choosing an electrician construction company with decades of proven experience is a great way to eliminate stress, extra costs, liability, delays and hassle.

Allow us to demonstrate our knowledge and enthusiasm for getting it just right during a free consultation. Call us now to book an appointment with Elizabethtown’s top new construction electrical authorities.