Electrical Retrofitting in Elizabethtown

Peters Electric Inc can help you explore the cost-saving options and products your Elizabethtown organization will benefit most from, to keep your industrial, institutional, or commercial electrical retrofitting project running on time and on budget. We’ve refined the diagnosis, design, and installation process through exceptional project coordination and meticulous attention to detail. Our thorough and up to date knowledge of changing electrical and building codes allows us design energy management system refurbishments that keep you safe and in compliance now—and for many years to come.

Top Reasons to Retrofit Electrical Box or Energy Management Components

On top of having to worry about processing electrical surges from the national power grid and things like lightning strikes, you must also take the capacity and life-time of each of your wiring systems into consideration. Renovations, expansions and adding newer energy efficient appliances to gaining infrastructure can all have a negative and potentially dangerous impact on the function of your breakers, conduits, and panel boxes. Here are some of the top reasons to retrofit electrical boxes:

  • You are expanding your business or upgrading appliances
  • The panel is making buzzing or crackling noises
  • Overheating
  • Machinery is not able to draw full power from the system
  • Dedicated or grounded outlets are needed for new machines
  • Breakers and panel components are rusty, corroded or damaged
  • A sub panel is needed
  • A retrofit is necessary to satisfy changing or new insurance stipulations
  • A dedicated panel is needed for high tech equipment like computers

Fast Electrical Box Troubleshooting and Repairs

Our service trucks are fully loaded with the latest non-invasive electrical diagnostic equipment, so we can quickly and easily find and resolve problems with wiring, conduits, and panel boxes. In many cases, we arrive with the high quality commercial replacement pieces you need, already on the truck. If an order must be placed to get a specialty product to complete your upgrades, we guarantee a speedy delivery thanks to our exceptional supplier relationships. Here is a short sample of some of the other ways we can help:

  • Circuit breaker replacements
  • Electrical lighting retrofits
  • Energy saving electrical system re-designs
  • Heat pump wire-ins
  • Hot water tank retrofits
  • Lighting control and automation retrofitting
  • Panel and subpanel upgrades
  • Partial and full re-wiring
  • Permit applications
  • Retrofit electrical box drywall services
  • Surface mount electrical box retrofits
  • Tankless water heating wiring
  • Tenant fit-ups
  • Upgrades equipment wiring

Retrofit Electrical Box - Drywall Concerns

Wondering what happens to the decor when we retrofit an electrical box? Drywall and other materials can be damaged when the job is not completed by a licensed expert. Avoid additional expenses fixing and repainting walls by employing a licensed professional to perform any box upgrades.

How to Keep an Outdoor Electrical Box Up to Code

Businesses in Elizabethtown rely an outdoor electrical box to power everything from parking lot and building exterior lighting, to security systems including gates. Since electrical components are susceptible to damage from the elements like extreme temperatures, heavy rains, sun exposure, dirt, sand, and so much more, it’s important to work with an electrical contracting team who knows what it takes to fortify these systems with a level of protection that will keep them safe and functional well into the future.

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